Biden’s Performance at NATO Summit Highlights Presidential Shortcomings and Raises Global Concerns

The recent NATO summit served as yet another demonstration of President Joe Biden’s troubling inadequacies, which question his capacity for holding the world’s most critical role.

The unsettling sight of our ostensibly weakened president faltering on the global stage, appearing confused, forgetting names, and often behaving as though he were out of his depth, has unfortunately become a familiar sight domestically.

However, this is a particularly pertinent issue internationally, especially considering the escalating tensions in Ukraine that risk snowballing into a global conflict.

There’s a disquieting reality that the individual entrusted with the nation’s nuclear codes struggles to remain awake for an evening meal.

As disclosed by a US official to the accompanying press, Biden opted out of the NATO leaders dinner in Lithuania citing a packed itinerary of official duties over four days, inclusive of preparing for a crucial speech the following day and additional summit responsibilities.

Despite being in office for two and a half years, this is the third time he has missed dining with world leaders.

If maintaining the regular schedule of a US President is a struggle, it raises legitimate concerns about his suitability for the world’s most critical role.

This possibly explains why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is publishing shirtless videos of himself doing push-ups.

The silent commentary on Biden’s physical fitness is glaringly evident, and words are unnecessary to comprehend the underlying message.

Concerning the speech Biden was preparing for, he had noticeable difficulty delivering it coherently, even with the aid of a teleprompter.

“Soon NATO will be the 32nd freestanding, have, free, 33, 32, freestanding members,” was one of his incomprehensible lines, declared with an almost desperate fervor.

Nevertheless, his media followers persist in their attempts to sway public perception.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, for example, lauded Biden’s leadership as being on par with FDR or Eisenhower.

It might be necessary for someone to remind MSNBC that their glorified leader is starkly lacking.

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