World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream Priced at Nearly $6,300

Byakuya, also known as the “White Night,” has become the world’s most expensive ice cream, according to the Guinness World Records.

The ingredients of Byakuya ice cream include white truffle mushrooms from Italy, a famously expensive variety of mushrooms that can cost up to 2 million yen ($14,500 USD) per kilogram. In addition, the dish includes other ingredients such as thinly gold leaf, two types of expensive cheese, and sakekasu (a type of rice cake powder formed during sake production). The price for one serving of Byakuya ice cream is 873,400 yen (approximately $6,270 USD). Guinness World Records officially recognized Byakuya as the “world’s most expensive ice cream” on May 18.

In Japanese, Byakuya means “White Night.” Cellato, the manufacturer and distributor of Byakuya, stated that they spent over a year developing and experimenting to create a unique flavor for this dish. They refer to Byakuya as Gelato (ice cream in Italian) on their website. Those who have tried it describe the ice cream as having a “rich flavor.”

The ice cream company states that their mission is not only to create expensive desserts but also to create a “culinary adventure” by combining European ingredients with Japanese tradition. Tadayoshi Yamada, the head chef of the renowned RiVi restaurant in Osaka, was invited to oversee this ice cream project.

The ice cream is sold in Japan and delivered directly to customers upon request. The ice cream company suggests thawing Byakuya at room temperature or microwaving it for 10-20 seconds at 500-watt power if it is too hard. For an enhanced experience, customers are recommended to pair it with sake or French white wine.

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